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Clear H2O

(Provided by Shimano)

If you consider yourself a bass angler, you've probably caught your share of either largemouth or smallmouths.

But what about the Suwannee or spotted bass? Have you hooked into a Guadalupe bass - or a shoal or redeye bass? It doesn't matter if you bass fish in Alabama or California, in Pennsylvania, Maine or Wisconsin, and don't forget Florida, Texas and Oregon. All these states - and every other one outside of Alaska, are home to at least one of the nine species in the black bass family.

(Provided by VMC)

VMC Spin Jig Designed for Suspended Fish The VMC Spin Jig is designed to be rigged with your favorite boot-tail or fluke-style soft-plastic trailer for suspended fish.

An exaggerated belly keel and premium ball bearing swivel maximizes the new Spin Jig’s swim-and-spin action. A double-wire keeper holds your soft-plastic trailer in place. The jig’s high-carbon-steel, fine-wire or 1X strong hooks features a forged shank and needle point.

A Spin Jig rigged with a soft-plastic trailer is perfect for targeting shallow suspending and schooling bass in clear to moderately stained water. Throw it past the school, count it down to depth and then swim it through the school. It works well in all seasons. In colder water, slow-roll it with a mostly steady retrieve. In warmer water add occasional pauses and jerks to your retrieve.

(Provided by Rapala)

New Terminator Popping Frog

The new Terminator® Popping Frog pops and spits, and walks, something you don’t find in many other soft-bodied frogs.

When the conditions call for frog fishing, Bassmaster Pro Ott DeFoe says he will tie on a Popping Frog about 80 percent of the time.

“In most cases, especially around scattered grass — stuff with a lot of holes in it — I’m going with that one,” he says. “I like the added action and sound it offers.” When bass are holding under really thick mats of vegetation, however, he’ll turn to the Terminator Walking Frog, which he helped design as well.