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Clear H2O

By Doug Bucha

Collectors Have An Eye for Antique Ice Spearing Gear

As the temperatures drop, we start to think of the upcoming ice fishing season.

However, one method of ice fishing that is seldom remembered is spearing fish beneath holes cut in the ice.

Historically, spearing goes back centuries to Native Americans and most of the methods they used would still apply today.

They may have used something as simple as a sharpened stick as their spear and they also used some type of decoy to lure the fish to their hole in the ice.

Today we use multi-pronged, hand-forged, weighted spears that are forged of steel. Smaller, lightweight spears would be used to spear smaller fish, such as perch; heavy spears would be used for Pike and musky, and because of the sturgeon’s armored backs, very heavy spears would be used.

A group of antique tackle collectors will be gathering for an informal get together at the Heddon Museum Nov. 14.

The gathering is open to anyone interested in old antique fishing tackle or who has old gear that he or she would like to be appraised.

The group meets monthly at 6:30 p.m. at the former Heddon factory, 414 West St. in Dowagiac, Mich., that now serves as a museum. It’s located two blocks north and two blocks west of the McDonald's.

The get-together of antique lure collectors is mostly a show-and-tell with some selling, trading, and buying of old tackle taking place.

For more information, email Doug Bucha at ndBucha@yahoo.com.

(Provided by Blue Heron)

Indiana to Recognize Creek Chub Bait Company

Garrett, Ind, will celebrate the founding of Creek Chub Bait Company with the placement of an Indiana Historic Marker August 12.

The ceremonies will be conducted on the site where the factory once stood. Creek Chub celebrated its 100th anniversary last year.

The state marker ceremony will begin at 8:30 am, half a block east of city hall which is located at 130 S. Randolph Street. Todd Fiandt, Mayor of Garrett, Casey Pfeiffer from the Indiana State Historic Bureau and author Dr. Harold Smith will be honorary speakers for the program.